Our Products

Our Products

As an innovative composite insurer, Wiener Städtische operates in all lines of business (property & casualty, life and health insurance), and offers custom-tailored insurance solutions for private customer needs, as well as commercial and corporate customers.

Our insurance solutions for private customers cover the pension, home, mobility, vacation and health insurance areas. This provides our customers security in all areas of their lives, ranging from financial security for the future, and homeowner, household and motor vehicle insurance, all the way to security for foreign vacation travel and their own health.

Companies also consider us a reliable partner. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be combined to create custom insurance packages tailored to an individual company's needs. To make this possible, we advise each company individually and select concepts that are appropriate for them. Once an analysis of risk exposure has been performed, the best choice of coverage can be determined for the Company.

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All our products are based on customer needs, and we will continue to offer products in the future that are as flexible and changeable as life itself. In addition to the ongoing development of our insurance solutions, Wiener Städtische has also worked in cooperation with the Erste Bank Sparkasse Group since 2008. If needed, contact information can be provided for a professional advisor who can help with borrowing needs or banking products.