The company

The company

WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group, in Austria, is the largest individual company in the international insurance group VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe, which is headquartered in Vienna. Wiener Städtische's market share of 13.7 percent makes it one of the largest insurance companies in Austria.
Our customer service and advice is based on experience, reliable employees and innovative products. For more than 190 years, our day-to-day activities have been guided by the motto “We wish your problems were ours”.

Wiener Städtische has a long tradition reaching back to 1824, and operates in all lines of business in the Austrian insurance market. We offer our customers security in many areas of life, both in the private sphere, and for commercial and corporate customers.

We are one of the leading insurance companies in Austria, and have excellent capital resources that guarantee security and our continued existence. Our experience and success ensure stability, even in economically difficult times.

As an employer in our core business as an insurance provider, and as a major investor in companies, infrastructure and the social and cultural area, we make an important contribution to economic activity in Austria, thereby contributing to its attractiveness as a location for business. We are one of the top institutional real estate investors in the country, and invest where our premium euros come from. We generally invest in projects that provide a high expected income, and therefore offer a considerable level of security for policyholders, namely our customers. As an equitable partner for industrial companies and large corporations, Wiener Städtische also makes a major contribution to the stability and growth of the Austrian economy. Finally, we should also mention the benefits that come from such a broadly based group as Vienna Insurance Group, Wiener Städtische's “parent company”. Its top listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange and success in the CEE region generate considerable added value for Austria as a financial centre.

With approximately 3,500 employees, including around 2,000 customer advisors, in nine provincial head offices and around 130 branch offices, we offer a full range of insurance solutions and personal advisory services throughout Austria.

Quick processing is especially important when losses occur. We offer our customers a variety of possibilities for reporting claims:

  • Online using our website
  • From a mobile device using our service app
  • By calling our Call Centre, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week